Invar Hilsson writes to me about Emil Jeppsson (Jacktlychans)who kept black Lakelands going, in Sweden, through the war years. I have added the information to the “Black Pedigrees” Page.

See new page – Health issues – Spikes Disease – Correlation “Grain Free” diet DCM

The Latest Research On Grain-Free Dog Foods And Heart Disease.    – Has  demonstrated a clear correlation.

“When a dog comes to us and we learn during the history that it’s on a grain-free diet, we advise switching to a non-grain-free diet,” said Dr. Anna Gelzer, a veterinary cardiologist and an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. “There’s no scientifically proven benefit to grain-free foods, so why take a chance?”

I have made some small revisions to the colour book.

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With all my various aliments I am surprised to have as lived as long as this! How long the blog might stay up after I’m gone is anyone’s guess. So, for anyone who is interested,  now might be a good time to download the book to your own computer or cloud storage.

Link to a video on tube feeding puppies has been added to health menu.

Someone wrote to me saying his young Lakeland had a heart murmur and had been diagnosed with Pulmonary stenosis and Tricuspid insufficiency. He asked for comments and this is my reply:


Free download of Pre War champions booklet now available.

Over many years much time has been spent collecting, compiling and collating pedigree records, it seemed appropriate to try to disseminate this information. Many people will now regard the time period covered as irrelevant ancient-history but some, like me, are fascinated by old pedigrees; For these fellow enthusiasts, this booklet is intended

When Virgin Media stopped providing web space we lost the Eskwyre website.

I have reproduced the page about Ireby – which turned out mostly about John Peel

The US Food and Drug Administration announced  in July 2018 that it is investigating a link between grain free diets and a common type of canine heart disease.

The condition is dilated cardiomyopathy, or D.C.M., in which the heart weakens and becomes enlarged. Symptoms include fatigue, difficulty breathing, coughing and fainting. Some dogs can abruptly go into heart failure.

What is in question is whether the problem is cause by lack of gluten or the inclusion of legumes (peas and beans) and potatoes. 

Link to article about Untruthful marketing of Grain Free:

I have had a report of a bad case of Spikes in a Welsh terrier that has completely resolved for the last nine weeks by feeding food based on Fish Jerky. Fish has been clearly identified as triggering Spikes in some Lakeland cases so it’s hard to understand how Fish can resolve it in others. It is possible that it’s different in the three breeds or that individual dogs react differently to different food but this puzzling report puts us back where I started – “Responds well to dietary changes” -the person who wrote that (about Border Terriers) was not able to be more specific.
Just one week after writing the above I have had yet another report of Fish triggering Spikes in a Lakeland Terrier. A four year old Lakeland was given expensive tinned food based on Salmon and Venison and  started suffering Spikes episodes -waiting to see if the episodes stop now the owner has read this blog and discontinued Fish.   Update 16 July 2018. No more episodes since returning to ordinary food.

Re. the page about Clarice Edwards

Been contacted by a chap called Brian Hastings who is writing an article for the Whitburn Village heritage Society about Clarice who was born in their village (on the North East Coast.) When she had Lakelands her kennels were in the South of England but she and some others moved from the South to Cumberland during WWII and she died there. He told me something I didn’t know – her middle name was “Honor”. He’s found a portrait of her in Tully House Museum Carlisle but they are charging him to use the image.